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Our history

e-Power is a new company founded by
engineers with many years of industry experience.
The base of our company is Volos Magnesia.



e-Power electromechanical services company

E-Power is a technical company active in the field of electromechanical services. The company targets industries and crafts, commercial spaces, hotels and hospitals in Thessaly as potential customers and is also active in public works.

E-Power aims to become soon a valuable partner for its customers, providing them with quality work and specialized solutions when facing technical difficulties. Specifically, the company has entered the market providing high-tech know-how and specialized troubleshooting services for equipment in low response time. The high know - how of its staff, the proximity to customer facilities and their limited technical experience competitors in the region will allow e-Power to lead the field soon.

At the same time, the company has begun maintenance and new projects for electromechanical equipment, technical studies, energy upgrades of buildings as well as safety services.

The company is headquartered in Volos and the company initially provides its services in the region of Thessaly, aiming to become the preferred one supplier of electromechanical services throughout Central and North Hellas.

The founders of e-Power are qualified electrical engineers, with a rich CV and many years of experience in the heavy industry. The company is also staffed by consultants but also by experienced foremen and craftsmen. The competitive advantage of e-Power is the high technical skills of its staff. E-Power is not yet a provider company electromechanical services to its customers.They are the partners that customers will first think about when they face unexpected malfunctions equipment or when they have to perform maintenance or repairs they require technical knowledge, experience and perseverance to execute quality and complete at the right time. It is the partners who will give them high quality technical solutions quickly and efficiently as they understand fully what the customer's high reliability of the equipment means, reducing the downtime of equipment, increasing it productivity and cost reduction.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the company attaches utmost importance to the health and safety of its staff. In this context, it provides regular Y&A staff training and provides them with all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment to safely perform tasks such as: work uniforms, safety shoes, helmets, safety goggles, gloves.



Our Mission

E-Power is a company providing electromechanical and technical security services, operating in the region of Thessaly. Our mission is to become a valuable partner for our customers by providing state-of-the-art technical solutions that will reduce downtime and increase the reliability and productivity of their equipment.

Specialization, innovation and high quality are key features of our services. Our operation aims at sustainable development, as we give the highest priority to the health and safety of our employees, we care for the environment, we are responsible for the communities in which we operate, and we care for and act on the continuous development of our employees. 

Simplicity, flexibility, integrity and continuous improvement are our values, which accompany us in everything we do.

Our Vision

e-Power to be the preferred provider of electromechanical services in Central and Northern Greece!

To be the preferred electrical engineering services supplier throughout Central and Northern Greece

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